St. Martin’s Diocesan School, Delhi Cantonment under the aegis of the Diocese of Delhi, has a glorious history of being the first English medium Coeducational Christian minority Institution in the Cantonment area of New Delhi. Way back in 1960, the noble British Missionary and Educationist, Ms. Helen D. Jerwood, founded the school within the tall St. Martin’s Church. The institution was the answer to countless prayers and requests of Cantonment and military officials and the noble missionary ensured that a solid foundation was set up for the establishment of an educational institution that would raise children rooted in strong moral and Christian values to be a light to the world they live in. True to the motto of the school, Light Begets Light, the students have carried this spark to the widest corners of the world.

Martiner's Alumni Meet 2024

‘The only thing sweeter than union is reunion'

Dear Alumnus,
It gives us immense happiness to organize an Alumni Meet and to invite you to spend an evening at your alma mater. We cannot contain our excitement to bring back the young eaglets that have flown from the nest to the corner where it all began, to share and rejoice as one huge Martiner family. Each one of you, our dear Alumni of the bygone years since 1960, reflect the strength and glory of our institution and we look forward to re-unite you all, reliving old memories as we celebrate our Martiner family get-together.





St. Martin’s Diocesan School, Delhi Cantt St. Martin’s Diocesan School, under the aegis of the Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India, situated in the lush green Delhi Cantonment, was founded way back in 1960 by the British Educationist Missionary, Ms. Helen D. Jerwood.



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