St. Martin’s Diocesan School, run by Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India, is situated in the lush green Delhi Cantonment. The presence of St. Martin’s Church lends tranquility and bliss to the surroundings.

In the 56th Year now, the school leaves behind many a landmark, including the glorious golden milestone. The English Medium Co-educational Senior Secondary Minority School was founded way back in 1960 when the eminent British Educationist Missionary, Ms. Helen Jerwood, with humble prayer and dedication, lit the candle of the Institution inside the St. Martin’s Church. The magnificent church whose inside resembles a basilica became the perfect place to begin her school with a nursery section and classes 1-3. Every Martiner entering the school in his formative years was moulded within these walls.

St. Martin Ms. Helen Jerwood The spirited Founder Principal bicycled to the near vicinity to spread word of the opening of a new school. The 80 year old braved all odds including the frailties of old age to pursue the realization of her vision. Ms. Jerwood worked with a passion to nurture her school until in 1965 the glow she kindled by her ardent dedication had a setback as she was untimely called to God’s glory.

True to the Motto of the School ‘Light begets Light’ the spark that she kindled with much prayers is being carried on by the Martiners far and wide as years go by.

Many an eventful year passed by and the school braved all challenges moving steadily ahead, continuing to survive and grow. The school aims at promoting the values of integrity, ethics and honesty as well as encouraging in its students the spirit to explore, experiment and hone their talents to be equipped with a sound character, excellent communication skills and confidence to take on all the challenges in life thus paving the way to lead successful and fulfilled lives.

The students are empowered and sensitized to understand the importance of their roles in the smallest unit of family and at the same time also as responsible and humble citizens towards the society to create a harmonious community with an aim to not only receive from it but also give back.

The school also takes upon its mantle to nurture kindred spirits through carefully designed assemblies and moral education classes during which the values of tolerance, kindness and righteousness are imparted to students for them to glow in the radiance of faith and grace of Almighty during trying times and be the harbinger of peace.

The School expanded and was upgraded to a full-fledged Senior Secondary School in the year 1991. The school is well known in its vicinity for its consistent academic excellence. The School takes pride in its learned faculty who instill in their young students feelings of self sufficiency, taking care to nurture them to reach their potential.

The pursuit for academic excellence has not left behind the excellence in sports and co-curricular activities and the Martiners shine bright in various spheres as they bring home appreciations and merit awards in inter school events. The vibrant and rhythmic beats of the School Band and the songs rendered by the School Choir has captivated many an audience.

Our Martiners have spread their light to the farthest ends of the world; be it our scientist at NASA, or on the Indian soil at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, our Doctors at the best hospitals of the Capital, our engineers, academicians, defence officers, bankers and many others in diverse professions proclaiming to the world at large the blessings they received from this modest institution in the heart of the capital.

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